What's the deal?



Figgy's Takeout sadly closed in August of 2021, but did you know that Figgy herself is available for hire? Maybe an intimate  dinner party at your home? Cooking lessons for teens or grown ass adults that just never had the time to learn? She can do that!

Rented a vacation home and need someone to cook for the family so y'all can just kick back and sip some cocktails on the beach? Figgy's your gal! She even has an able bodied teen at the ready if you need more hands...HELL!, have a party and she'll bring her entourage! 

Go to our contact page and send her an inquiry. Put this mom to work! 






Chef Figgy grew up in Mid Missouri and first learned to cook from her parents and grandmother.


She graduated the University of Missouri, Columbia with a degree in speech communication, and went on to receive an associates degree in culinary arts at the Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park NY.


She is the previous owner of Mina, Red Hook NY, and Another Fork in the Road, Milan NY. She is also the winner of Food Networks "Chopped" season 39, episode 8!  

She lives in Portland's beautiful West End with her son and a menagerie of animals live and stuffed.