Figgy’s Takeout and Catering provides refined comfort food for busy people. We recreate the wholesome meals you grew up eating but simply don’t have the time, or inclination, to make. We use only the best produce, meat and products that Maine farms and businesses have to offer. We even forage some ingredients ourselves! We are committed to supporting the local economy and every effort is made to protect our environment. We use only biodegradable to-go containers. Waste is either recycled or composted, and our used cooking oil is converted into bio-fuel.

Figgy’s catering menus are guided by the seasons and individually crafted to perfectly suit your special occasion. Whether it’s a backyard cookout, farm field wedding or corporate holiday event, we work closely with you to bring the vision of your event to life.

We love our neighborhood, our city, our state and all the different folks that make it up. We aim to be respectful of your budget, culture and diet and are happy to accommodate functions of any type. So come by and grab some downhome cooking or contact us to cater your perfect event.